Grenada, Caribbean

Grenada Holidays

Grenada offers a lush mountainous and volcanic landscape covered in rainforests and pretty mangroves. The island is one of the most beautiful within the Caribbean and offers many magnificent beaches fringed by crystal-clear waters filled with coral reefs - ideal for enjoy diving and snorkelling. Enjoy vibrant culture, welcoming hospitality and savour the unique cuisine with Creole, Caribbean and West Indian flavours on this stunning, unspoilt island.

Things to do in Grenada

Caribbean holidays are far more than just lounging on the beach, of course that is one of the main perks, however, there are so many other activities you can do here. For something a bit more outgoing, why not venture the nature trails? On these nature walks you will get the opportunity to spot an abundance of wildlife including monkeys swinging from the terrain above.

When looking for the finest beach to relax on, consider a visit to the country’s capital - St George; a delightful coastal city with the best beach on Grenada, Grand Anse. There is also plenty of excursions to be booked here including visits and day trips to neighbouring islands, diving or snorkelling - the waters are beaming with colourful fish to excite your eyes.

Fine foods and flavours in Grenada

Known as the Spice Island and for good reason, any spice you can imagine you will find here. Grenadians love their dishes full of flavour and sometimes particularly spicy. Grenadian cuisine in one of the finest thanks to all the fresh produce grown on the island itself. Make sure you taste Grenada’s national dish, Oil Down, a dish full of meats, spices, dumplings and breadfruit. You will often find this popular dish served at any festival, parties or gathering events.

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