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Malta Fashion Week

If you have an interest in fashion and love to travel to beautiful, sunny and interesting locations on your holidays, visiting the Malta Fashion Week could be the perfect opportunity for you to combine your passions! This prestigious event was created to celebrate the wealth of talent in Malta’s fashion scene, as well as bringing together some of the biggest names in the global fashion industry. The glitzy, stylish and glamorous week is sponsored by Mercedes Benz and comprises of a variety of events, taking place at areas of historical and cultural importance around the beautiful Mediterranean island.

Malta Fashion Week

Take a trip to the Malta Fashion Week between the 9th and 16th of May this year and ensure that you will be amongst the first to glimpse the fashion stars and styles of the future, whilst enjoying the beautiful, scenic and relaxing Maltese locations playing host to the events! This festival of fashion is visited by world famous designers and style lovers worldwide, meaning that you will be able to connect with like-minded people whilst getting up to date with all of the freshest and most innovative new fashion trends coming out of Malta this year.

The 2015 Malta Fashion Week will be the 16th time that the event has taken place since its creation by Adrian J Mizzi more than a decade ago. The weeklong festival of fashion has grown ever bigger and more exciting year on year since its inception, and this year’s edition promises to be the most exciting, talked about and game-changing ever. The week of events culminates with Malta’s biggest fashion party, the Malta Fashion Awards. However, if you visit this event, make sure you look your best as this most special of shows lures in television crews and fashion journalists from around the world!

Malta Fashion Week

With winners chosen from categories ranging from photography, styling, fashion blogging, makeup, modelling and more, you will have all of your bases covered when it comes to spotting the next big thing in fashion. Who knows, you might even find yourself getting inspired!

Malta’s capital city of Valletta is sure to feature heavily in the celebrations and will host the Malta Fashion Awards at the end of the week. Valletta is a vibrant and exciting city, as well as an excellent place to witness Maltese culture at its finest. A must-see is the Valletta Waterfront, a beautiful spot to visit as well as housing several gorgeous restaurants, bars and clubs.

As if you needed any more excuse to get involved in this amazing week, May is a dry and sunny month of the year in Malta. Temperatures range between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius, meaning that the beautiful island is comfortable and warm, without being sweltering. This creates the perfect climate to get out and enjoy the fashion show - as well as all that Malta has to offer - with very little chance of rain or cold-weather spoiling your experience. In addition, the sea is a comfortable 19 degrees in May, meaning it is ideal for a dip when you need a break from all of the fashion!

Malta Fashion Week

Whilst on your trip you will find more than fashion to ensure that you have an amazing time in Malta. The landscape of the island is rocky and dramatic, with large cliffs and stunning scenery making it ideal for sigh-seeing, as well as for just relaxing and soaking up the sun. Malta’s incredible natural beauty is made even more wonderful by the stunning relics of times gone by which litter the Mediterranean islands, including three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you’re looking for a little more adventure out of your holiday, the island is also a mecca for cliff-diving, rock-climbing and scuba-diving! To add to the enjoyment of your Malta experience, you will also find the island’s people to be calm, relaxed and friendly, with a courteous and generous attitude towards tourists.

Events at Malta fashion week are free to get involved in, just make sure that you book in advance so as to avoid disappointment! The sites for this year’s Malta Fashion Awards haven’t been published yet, so keep an eye on the event’s official website for announcements about this year’s festivities!  The awards and shows are held at places of historical and cultural significance and - with Malta’s vibrant and diverse history - there are a huge number of potential candidates to play host to the events.

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