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Best time to visit Gran Canaria

When to go to Gran Canaria

The island of Gran Canaria offers a reliable retreat with year-round warmth without major seasonal weather variations. As the Canary’s third largest island, Gran Canaria sits close to the west coast of Northern Africa and therefore enjoys much hotter weather than mainland Spain. The best weather can be enjoyed from May until November with an average temperature of 24°C, with highs of 26°C between the months of August and October. From December up until April, winter presents pleasantly cool nights and warm days with average highs of 22°C with very little chance of severe rainfall.



Gran Canaria Climate Chart

Average Temperatures (°C) in Gran Canaria throughout the year

Gran Canaria Rainfall Chart

Average Rainfall (mm) in Gran Canaria throughout the year

Things to do when visiting Gran Canaria

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