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Cyprus travel tips

The sun warms your skin as the refreshing breeze ruffles your hair; nothing is as relaxing as your long awaited holiday! If Cyprus is your destination of choice then a few top tips can help your time away run more smoothly. So whether it’s choosing the right time of year for the best weather, or making sure you can access your money abroad; here are our top travel tips for Cyprus.

Cyprus travel tips


There are three must-see sights in Cyprus, the Tomb of the Kings, the Byzantine Museum and Salamis. The Tomb of the Kings can be found in Paphos and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that consists of underground tombs that date back to the 4th century BC. They are carved from solid rock and it is thought that this was the burial place of ancient aristocrats. This is a place where you can take a fascinating walk through ancient history. Also found in Paphos, the Byzantine Museum is a wonderful companion to the Tomb of the Kings and has artefacts that date between the 7th and 18th centuries ranging from embroideries and manuscripts to wood carvings and frescoes. 

Cyprus travel tips


Cyprus is a good year-round destination as the tourist season lasts throughout, but you will pay less during the months of November through to March as this is when the weather cools and the tourism dips. However, this can be a wonderful time to visit for a walking break as the cooler environment can lead to a more comfortable trek, but January and February are the rainy season so you are more likely to catch a shower at this time. Inversely July and August are the hottest, driest months and the temperature can soar during the summer, particularly in July, when the heat can get to around 26°C - 29°C on average. If you want temperatures that are slightly more comfortable then the spring or autumn are the best times to travel as it is warm enough to swim but not quite as hot as the summer sun. However, if you travel up to the Troodos Mountains then it is sensible to avoid the months of January through to March as it can often snow at this time in the highland areas.

Cyprus travel tips


The main language spoken in Cyprus is Greek but you will find many English speaking people in tourist areas, particularly hotels and tavernas, so even if you have little to no Greek you will be able to enjoy your time in Cyprus. As with many European countries, the currency of Cyprus is the euro and ATMs are widely available in most towns and cities. However, withdrawing money abroad can incur a banking charge so check with your bank before your leave the UK. Although traveller’s cheques are no longer fashionable they are accepted in Cyprus, and whilst there are restrictions, they can be good in an emergency. If you are dining out, it is standard to have a 10% tip added to the bill in most restaurants but culturally it would be expected that another 10% tip would be given, and a small tip for other services such as taxis and hotel staff would be the norm. If you decide to visit the shops then bargaining and bartering is not usually the custom.

Cyprus travel tips

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