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Best time to visit Benidorm

When to go to Benidorm

Benidorm's climate is what makes it so incredibly popular with holiday makers year-round. Summers are long and its winters are sunny and mild. The island faces south and is backed by high mountains which shelter it from cooler winds in the winter, which creates a unique microclimate. Summers see highs of 30°C and it rarely drops below 16 °C throughout the night. You can rely on almost 11 hours of blue skies and sunshine to enjoy its sandy beaches. The weather in spring and autumn remains particularly enjoyable too, with average temperatures of 20°C, along with a good level of sunshine and little rainfall. Winters also have a lot to offer with temperatures around the mid-teens and seven hours of sunshine each day — a great alternative to those bitterly cold UK winters.

Benidorm Climate Chart

Average Temperatures (°C) in Benidorm throughout the year

Benidorm Rainfall Chart

Average Rainfall (mm) in Benidorm throughout the year

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