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Best time to visit Barbados

When to go to Barbados

The island paradise of Barbados benefits from hot tropical temperatures throughout the year; it's the dream holiday destination boasting a perfect climate to enjoy endless white sands and crystal clear waters. There are two distinct seasons and the island is driest from December to June with slightly lower temperatures (never dropping below the high 20s) and lower humidity. The average temperature for most of the dry season in 28°C though the northeast trade winds offer a cooling breeze. You may encounter the occasional afternoon tropical rain shower, and whilst the odd storm isn’t uncommon, the showers are short and when they clear it’s back to blue skies and sunshine. The wet season, which runs from July to November, sees temperatures climb to 31°C and fall to lows of 24°C. 

Barbados Climate Chart

Average Temperatures (°C) in Barbados throughout the year

Barbados Rainfall Chart

Average Rainfall (mm) in Barbados throughout the year

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