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Enjoy your grand prix in Australia

The intoxicating scent of petrol and grease has thrilled many since the invention of the internal combustion engine and Formula One is the pinnacle of excitement for any motor lover. This is why we stopped to have a quick look at the Grand Prix and why you should see it all kick off this year in Melbourne.

How it began...

In the early twentieth century motor racing was on the ascent. During the inter-war years there was much discussion about the creation of a Formula One driver’s championship, but with the Second World War this was put on hold. When the war ended the idea made a resurgence and 1946 saw some motor races which led to the launch of a championship in 1947. Despite its popularity it wasn’t until the early 1950s that the rules were solidified and the first ever Formula One race took place in Pau, south-east France. Italian driver Alberto Ascari rose to the top winning many of the early championships, but the risks involved were far greater than today.

Enjoy your grand prix in Australia

Get up to speed

With so much history and skill, it’s not surprising that a trip to see this sport of kings is on the bucket list of so many people, and the Australian Grand Prix offers the chance to see it in a worthy destination. So if you are going to find yourself in Melbourne you could book yourself tickets to see the opening race of the Grand Prix competition. 2014’s event saw a hard fought 58 laps, with German driver Nico Rosberg bringing in a victory for the Mercedes team, with his fourth Formula One career win. Unfortunately for Rosberg he later had a string of mechanical problems, and the World Driver’s Title was handed to Lewis Hamilton after his final win in the Abu Dhabi final. 


Held at the Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit in South Melbourne, the Australian Grand Prix is your first taste of the F1 action each year. If you are lucky enough to attend, you also get the bonus of watching the supercars pitted against each other in the Support Races, including a V8 supercars round and the Ultimate Speed Comparison race. It looks set to be a load of supercharged fun. The support races are set first shortly followed by the practice races. Of course the action really gets going with the qualifying session where you can find out who is going to start the Grand Prix competition in Pole Position in the first race. The Melbourne race is fantastic, not only will you get to see the first laps of the season, but you will get to soak up the atmosphere of the long weekend in the sports-mad nation of Australia. If you’re not lucky enough to make it to Melbourne this year be sure to get to the Grand Prix.

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