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Holidays to Australia

Australia Holidays

In many surveys questioning people from across the globe, Australia is rated as the number one dream holiday destination - and with good reason. From sprawling desert plains divided by awe-inspiring mountain ranges to the most cosmopolitan cities, Australia holidays truly have something for all to enjoy. Whether it's always been your dream to hug a koala bear, scuba dive on the Barrier Reef or you'd love to watch the wallabies spring across the majestic outback, you can do all of this and more on an unforgettable Australia holiday.

Live the Aussie dream you've always wanted to

At Mercury Holidays, we understand that you may not want to restrict your Australia holiday to just two weeks. After all, there's so much to see and do in Australia's incredible tourist spots - like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Cairns and the mesmerising Gold Coast - we can help you arrange for the holiday of a lifetime that could last as long as an entire year.

When you're not off visiting friends and family, we've got a fantastic selection of 3-star to 4.5-star accommodation which you can view in our Australia hotel and apartment guide.

Get to Australia for less with Mercury Holidays

Our inclusive cheap package holidays to Australia offer fantastic deals that won't break the bank, making it even easier for you to enjoy the Australian holiday of a lifetime. No matter which of the many incredible things you want to do in Australia, getting there just got that little bit easier with Mercury Holidays.